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So, there I am, innocently toodling around on the WBUR website this morning, catching up on Boston news, when I see this headline, and a sound something like “gahhhblaguhhwhaa??” comes out of my mouth

Does Everyone Love Scott Brown?

June 28, 2010, 11:16 AM  UPDATED 12:54 PM

And, ok, fine, I know where this is coming from.  Because I had a similarly incoherent reaction to a newsflash a couple of days ago about this poll, which showed that Scott Brown is more popular among Massachusetts voters than Senator Kerry or President Obama.  But, that poll asked only 558 adults their opinions, and the favorable numbers for Brown were one point higher than for Obama, and three points above Kerry’s – in a poll with margin of error of 4.2 points.  So, really, that means bupkus.  And, if we’re basing anything off of polling, can’t we agree that a 55% approval rating is a fairly steep crash from the 70% he apparently had in March?  But, still – 55% of the people polled approved of Brown’s job performance so far?  Have they been paying attention, you know, at all?

Sure, our illustrious former male model Senator, former “really likable” State Senator who “didn’t take the lead on anything at all”, has some kind of personal appeal (if you go for that kind of thing), and has show with a couple of votes – and I mean a very few –  that he is willing to act independently of his Party of No.

But, how do the apparently anti-establishment, anti-big government, everything-sucks-so-let’s-throw-the-bums-out voters who supposedly elected Mr. Brown still support him after he votes in favor of the big banks on Financial Reform, filibustered unemployment benefits (fine, whatever, argue that they’re bad for the economy – you’re wrong, but stand there in your wrongness and be wrong, that’s fine), and joins the minority in filibustering most of the bills that are voted on in the Senate – leading to exactly the kind of do-nothingness that voters are apparently so upset about?

Worse, perhaps, is the fact that I’m sure that 55% of Massachusetts voters aren’t Tea Party-type anti-government wackjobs…I mean, libertarian conservatives.  So, how do mainstream voters approve of Brown’s job performance that includes opposing health care reform and the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, and voting against allowing the EPA to regulate carbon emissions, because he thinks it would hurt businesses – you know, those poor little polluting corporations who need our compassion and protection from the big bad EPA.  To say nothing of the already mentioned help for big banks and corporate polluters, and the No More Benefits for You filibuster vote?

As Rachel Maddow said last night, in regards to the unemployment benefits extension,

“Filibusterers included Scott Brown, who provocatively announced when he first took office that his top priorities would be  ‘Jobs, Jobs, and Jobs’.  Like Jan Brady’s ‘Marsha, Marsha, Marsha’, that clearly turns out to have just been a cry for attention.”

And, even after getting concessions for the banks added to Financial Regulaion, he’s still pulling his “will he or won’t he?” daisy-petal-plucking routine, refusing to say whether or not he’ll vote for the final bill.

“And then Tim Geithner calls me on the phone and says, ‘Scott, I just wanted to go through some things that we’re working on right now . . .’ He just called me a minute ago, too . . .

“Obviously, I am the key vote. They know they have to keep me in the loop.’’

Boston Globe, July 1, 2010

Yes, Scott, you’re a very pretty boy, and everyone thinks you’re really super cool.  Well, at least 55% of Massachusetts adults do.  (Maybe)

In case you’re wondering, the rest of us can be found searching the state for someone to run against you in 2012.


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